Foyles opens at Waterloo station – bricks & mortar fights back?

by Simon Murdoch

As you probably know I am a former employee and I’m still a very small shareholder of the Everything Store. Even so, I’m very pleased to see that Foyles bookshops has opened a new branch a week ago at Waterloo station.

There’s been a little bit of news about it, e.g. the Bookseller said nice things. Bizarrely, it took me a few Google searches to find out about it. Foyles own website doesn’t even have it as a news story, although they do have the store listed and say it is new on the Waterloo store’s own page.

Even though I commute into Waterloo every weekday, it was only this morning that I spotted the shop and I popped in to buy a book and support them.

For what’s it worth, I bought “The Art of Thinking Clearly” for £9.99 which looks promising.

I like physical bookstores. I like online bookstores. I like reading books on the Kindle app on my iPad. But imho, physical bookstores are still the best for the serendipity of browsing and finding new books.

It would be nice to have a bookshop at Waterloo permanently so if you are passing through, do browse and buy books at Foyles.

I think they will need all the support they can get as you can see from the pricing on these product pages on and Foyles own website.

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