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Damien has spent the last 20 years investing in private companies, both in Private Equity where he was a partner with Electra Partners, then at Octopus Ventures where he was a senior member of the investment team.  Having made a number of angel investments, Damien co-founded Episode 1 with Simon and Adrian in 2012.   While at Episode 1,  Damien has led investments in Carwow, Scurri, Touch Surgery, Attest and Zipcube and loves working with early stage teams of entrepreneurs; helping them develop their early stage startup into a fast growth enterprises  capable of raising more funding from later stage investors.   When he is not trying to help businesses to implement an optimal approach to growth, Damien can mostly be found running around Hampstead Heath or the Coastal paths of Great Britain.  Having trained obsessively to run a 2:52 Marathon in 2015, he is now trying to dip below 2:50, in the spirit of continuous improvement.   Damien has an MBA from Cambridge University and a Masters degree in PE from Oxford University.
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As early stage investors, in predominantly B2B startups, the team here at Episode 1 sees our portfolio companies wrestling with the many attempts to achieve Product Market Fit. We...

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