A compassionate pickpocket? Losing money less of a problem than losing time

by Simon Murdoch

A strange thing happened to me yesterday. I think I was robbed but I felt relieved even so.

I went out for coffee with someone and I ordered. I paid with a £10 note and I am a pretty forgetful type, but I think I had two £20 notes left in my wallet when I did so. In the coffee shop my coat was hung over the chair with the wallet in a side pocket. It was a busy place and I had a vague feeling of unease at one point.

When I got back to my office, I still had my wallet but no cash. If I’m right a pickpocket had taken my wallet, removed the cash and put my wallet back. So I’m pretty pleased with the thief. Thank you for not taking the whole wallet with all my credit cards. Losing them would be a big pain in the posterior. I’d have to make lots of phone calls, get them all replaced and be without cards for a week or at least a few days. Losing £40 is manageable. Hell as an angel investor I’ve had to stomach losing 1000x that and more, multiple times.

Still, I will be more careful with my wallet in future. It’s a wake up call that with a less compassionate thief I would have had to waste time phoning all the banks and credit card companies. I can afford to lose a little cash every now and then but losing time – I can’t afford that!

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