Bias for action – decisive action is a great sign of execution capability

by Simon Murdoch

I love this clip of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and I think of it often, especially if I end up in a boring meeting. Take a look it’s only 16 seconds:

What do you see? The swordsman for me is the sort of guy who loves showing off, using long words, playing to the crowd. We want to back entrepreneurs like Indiana Jones. Executing – getting things done quickly and effectively is so much more valuable than being a fancy show off.

In the scene I particularly love the way Indiana Jones turns away immediately, ready to get on with what he’s there to get on with.

The best entrepreneurs have what’s called within Amazon a “bias for action

Bias for action and doing stuff is fine as far at it goes but I’m not mad keen on working crazy hours, pulling all nighters – your workload needs to be sustainable because building a business is a marathon not a sprint.

So what I love and look for in entrepreneurs is a focus on rapid results. Find the smart tool (the gun) and use it asap. Don’t spend a long time messing about with the sword, showing off to the crowd about how clever and hard working you are.

Yep, the smart, rapid executing entrepreneurs are the ones we want to back. If you’re out there Indiana, come and pitch to us!

  • I like the clip from indiana jones, I saw the movie.

    What do you need to commit to today? Set a date to do it…in 24 hours or less if at all possible.

    Commit first and figure out the details later.

    Figure it out here:


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