I’m a feminist, well I want gender equality at least

Emma Watson gave a speech at the UN recently at the launch of the new HeforShe campaign. It’s well worth listening to.

She makes some interesting points. For example, she says feminism has poor connotations almost a dirty word so that lots of people, especially women, who want gender equality are not comfortable being called feminists. She says this is because many feminists have been anti-men so haven’t shown gender equality themselves.
I am a big fan of gender equality. Emma talks about the many small and large prejudices across gender. For example, men are considered weak if they are not macho. If they cry. If they show their emotions even.
I’m fine with you knowing that I cry at reality TV programmes. X Factor especially. Not every week, but sometimes it really gets me, right there.
I love Ed Sheeran’s song: “Even my Dad does sometimes”. I’m that Dad and not ashamed of it by any means.

Over the years, I’ve learned that I’m happy to just be myself. I’m transparent. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I try my utmost not to hide anything. If you think less of me because I sometimes cry at X Factor, then that reflects more on you than it does on me!
So I guess I’m a feminist. I’m a gender equalist anyway, and proud of it.



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