Moving Onwards – A Journey from Episode 1 to scaling a new Energy Future

Last week, I joined BP as an Operating Partner of Launchpad – the newly created fund and scale up engine focused on our Energy Future. As a new BP legal entity, we are turning outstanding R&D (developed both internally and externally) and early stage companies into billion-dollar businesses that address the dual energy challenge. Working with incredible entrepreneurs, Launchpad has already invested in 3 new businesses with plans for several more. I’m super excited to be involved in this new mission, but more on that in time.  

First, there is an incredible thank you that has to go out…the immediate journey that has led me to being here: Episode 1 Ventures. For the past 2 years, I’ve had the privilege to be part of the team, the Entrepreneurs we invested in and their teams and whole ecosystem of seed, series A and incredible investment community in the UK, indeed across Europe and connections in Silicon Valley.

To the Episode 1 characters – thank you:

Simon Murdoch – who taught me the power of direct, open conversations. Balancing the right information at the right time, a coaching style of transparency and the power of the tough conversations 

Paul McNabb – whom I’ve known and worked with for over 10 years – continues to see the world differently – you continue to teach me the power of strategic thinking, of taking time to reflect on all the moving parts and moving the invisible influences and forces behind them.

To Damian – saying it how it is and believing in your own convictions. For the focus on commercials, unit economics and choosing the right people to invest in and letting them get on with it.

To Carina and Adrian – for your depth of thinking, going through all the analysis in deep thought and sharing what you see. Investing is bringing the collective power of the team to choose and accelerate at the right timing, the right problem – with many definitions of right.

Leah – the person who can sense and read people in an instant. You’ve raised the profile of Episode 1 through laser focus on execution.  

Anouk – from meeting you for coffee 2 years ago, you’ve always been the person to help unlock the bold and align the true passion to the world that pulls.

Finally to Hector – the newest member of the Episode 1 Team – you’re going to be brilliant and I look forward to an opportunity for us to work together in the future.

Thank you for unlocking and investing in me – you’re the best European Seed Investor and we’ll get a chance to work together as an esteemed alum of the crew.



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