Our latest investment – UserReplay

I tried to buy a Dyson DC-54 on my iPad last week.  I already have one and need another – I just need to buy it.  I thought I’d do the good people at Dyson a favour and buy direct from their site despite the fact that it would probably be easier and quicker using One-Click on Amazon.
I spent about 4 minutes filling in all the details they require and then when it came to pressing “Submit” the button didn’t work.  I tried and tried and tried then gave up and bought it on Amazon.
UserReplay helps companies like Dyson find conversion problems like the one above and fix them.  Often the problems it uncovers can lead to millions of pounds of revenue uplift.  It’s pretty exciting for their customers and so for us.
How do they do it?
UserReplay tracks every user’s journey and using a sophisticated event-flagging system uncovers previously impossible or extremely difficult-to-uncover problems with their customers’ websites which can lead to targeted UX improvements with directly measurable uplifts in conversion rates. UserReplay identifies all the main categories of conversion barriers: usability problems, confusing business logic, technical problems and performance problems and enables these problems to be prioritised by analysing their impact on conversion and sales.  UserReplay can also be used to enhance customer service, prevent fraud and recover abandoned baskets. It is used by over 20 leading brands in the UK, Continental Europe and the US including US retailers Crate and Barrel and HH Greg.
Why we invested
We were fortunate to know John Thompson, CEO of User Replay, well before the round of funding we led. We knew him to be a very capable CEO and knew that User Replay is solving valuable problems for its many customers across Europe and the US. The positive situation User Replay finds itself in is that of a business with a clearly measurable RoI for its customers in an industry with competition that is either too complex and expensive or too simple for the target audience that User Replay focuses on – namely medium to large eCommerce websites. Thus, it has a working product with a number of very happy customers in a very large market – a trifecta for Episode 1.
You can see what Techcrunch wrote about Episode 1’s investment in UserReplay.



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