Glastonbury 2015…. stepping away from creature comforts


With or without the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl, Glastonbury 2015 was awesome!!! It didn’t fail to exceed expectations.

The build up to one of the biggest global musical events every year gets bigger and bigger with more exceptional artists gracing the stages; from current chart topping stars such as Florence and the Machine, and Kanye to the golden oldies Lionel and The Who, it attracts people from all walks of life. Even the Dali Lama made an appearance!

I have been twice now with a group of University friends and each year I get more impressed, not only with the array of talent and attractions put on, but our ability to step into the camping bubble without our creature comforts. Something my close friend Kate has now embraced, and who none of us thought we would see the day! From living in a tent for nearly week, without showering and using simple sanitation we are going back to the basics. Technology is practically non-existent and the use of the mobile phone is limited due to conserving battery for the all-important photos and in case of emergencies.

To our generation this is like taking away a lifeline, everything is on our phones, not just contacts but all our memories and photos. And lets not forget that we have limited use of internet so when you do leave, dishevelled and exhausted, you find you’re back in the techno world when your phone starts buzzing like mad with 200 Whats App messages, from friends and families who could not make it to this special event. Massive ‘FOMO’ on their part! But what you begin to realise while you are there is how reliant we all are on technology, in terms of practical uses and in sharing our experiences. I’m sure many of you are bored to death of the “Glasto 2015” albums that are gracing your Facebook page, and it’s only just the start…

Even the Glastonbury organisers have cottoned onto this and there is now an app you can download each year of the event which gives you a map and an itinerary or whose playing on what stage – good initiative there, or one might say just keeping in the 21st century. So to all you budding tech entrepreneurs out there developing software and platforms, from a festival loving member of the public, there are a number of ideas that I would have liked to make my experience all the more comfortable, to name a few….

  • A self charging (battery conserving) phone
  • Wi-Fi access in all areas
  • Self cleaning bathrooms – with the all important self spraying air freshener
  • Robotic tents that build themselves and of course pack away, with the added benefit of controlling its own temperature, not too hot, nor too cold
  • Finding my friends app
  • Finding my tent app
  • Camping essentials checklist app
  • Food stall app – with reviews and pricing comparisons
  • (And for the girls) technology that compress all belongings into one bag

But before jumping ahead, we should consider that this may alter the entire Glasto experience and to be frank I’m not sure I would want it to change too massively as it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Until next year Glasto! Unknown












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