Scurri is helping on-line merchants manage their parcel carriers.  Its cloud based, easy to install software enables merchants to simplify their processes, saving cost and time, allowing the merchant to focus on growing their business.


Why we invested

E Commerce is growing rapidly as more and more consumers choose the convenience and simplicity of doing their shopping on-line. Numerous platforms have developed that help even the smallest merchants to develop an attractive and effective front end proposition to attract customers, wherever they may be. For these merchants, success can be a wonderful thing, as orders flood in and revenues grow. But life can become stressful when they start trying to cope with fulfilment and learning how to scale, trying to integrate with several carriers for domestic or international sales, for small packets or large.


Scurri takes away that complexity and offers a single interface to create labels, choose the best carrier and make the delivery process simpler, allowing the merchant to focus on growing their business.


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