Pick the right playing field

by Simon Murdoch

OK. So right now, I’m feeling sore. England just lost 2-1 to Uruguay in the 2014 World Cup, in fact, they lost 2-1 to Luis Suarez in the World Cup.

England tried hard and failed. The result is of course based on goals scored. Luis scored two great goals. England’s 11 men worked hard and scored just one.

This is yet another example to my mind of picking the right playing field.

As another example, I have always been amazed by the skill and dexterity of concert pianists. I am a grade 3 level pianist and I can’t begin to comprehend the effort and dedication required to become a concert pianist. Years and years of dedication.

The big issue about being a concert pianist though is how incredibly competitive it is. It is a market where the supply of great pianists far outweighs the demand for great pianists so you have to be amazingly good to even make a career in that field. Shout out for my wife, Dani’s, friend Daniel Grimwood as a great example of that. I love Daniel’s dedication and accomplishment. I’ve seen him play and it moves me to tears, but he’s in market where supply outweighs demand many times over. It’s hard for Daniel to even make a decent living out of his unbelievable skill as a concert pianist.

What the hell has that got to do with football?

A little. My point is that it is incredibly hard to excel in any field which is mature and well understood, and especially where supply greatly outnumbers demand.

The most valuable skill of the entrepreneur is to find those playing fields where nobody is playing yet. And especially finding those playing fields which are now, or are going to be, very big, i.e. financially rewarding.

By far the most important job of the successful entrepreneur is to find the right market to disrupt. Find the right playing field. Become the number one in in a new and growing market.

Don’t be a journeyman concert pianist, or a Wayne Rooney or Joe Hart. Find the next big thing and execute well and you can be richer than Rooney, happier than Hart – in the long run.

Go for it! Let us help you be no 1 in your market (and let’s not mention that England is  somewhere in number 17-32 in the 2014 World Cup, ouch it hurts!)

Uruguay v England

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