Raising IT

Raising IT is a SaaS platform for nonprofits, with customisable mobile-first designs and straightforward implementation and maintenance processes. The Raising IT platform allows non-profits to manage their often complex requirements within one, simple framework.
Why we invested
There are 3m non-profits globally, with combined revenues of $1.25 trillion. In the UK alone, the top 10k charities spend £1.8bn on marketing[1]. In the US, the top 72k spend $15bn. Tom Latchford, a career charity expert, believes passionately that the biggest impact he can have on the charity world is to help them communicate more effectively via the web and the best way to do this is to create a SaaS platform that seamlessly allows any charity to set up a beautifully designed website with all the functionality it needs to raise money effectively. We believe Tom is a global expert in his space, we know the platform produces beautiful sites with a tiny amount of effort from the charities and we believe Tom will be at the head of a global market leader very soon

[1] Charity Commission – http://www.charitycommission.gov.uk/find-charities/


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