Triptease is a marketing services business which helps hotels engage with their guests to improve referral marketing and thus increase direct bookings.
Why we invested
Hotels today suffer from a dislocated relationship with their customers who are too often making bookings through on-line travel agencies like and The quality of these guests is often poor (they are price sensitive and looking for cheap deals) and they tend to therefore not stay in the better rooms nor spend much when staying at the hotel.
Triptease helps hotels drive direct bookings to high quality guests who have been referred directly by prior customers through a very simple and effective “post card” system. This is the first service/product of what will become a full digital marketing services business for hotels over time.
The marketing services market for high end hotels is under-developed and a massive market which we love nearly as much as we love Charlie Osmond, the founder CEO who is a seasoned entrepreneur who will not rest until he has signed up every 5* hotel in the World.


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