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What to present

  • Something that demonstrates what the product does, why it’s different and valuable (and who you compete with), how big the addressable market is (and how you worked that out), who’s already using it, what your financial forecasts are, what your sales pipeline is, why your team is awesome, what you’re raising at what expected valuation and what you’re going to use it for.
  • Usually this ends up being a 10-20 slide PowerPoint deck, but we don’t care what it is, as long as it works, but we care that there’s something to structure the meeting beyond just your voice.  Not 45 pages of A4.

How to present

  • Run through your presentation slowly and keep an eye on us sending signals that we’d like to ask a question – it’s a dialogue, not a monologue
  • If you bring team members, bring them for a reason – let them present relevant material, or at least answer relevant questions
  • Expect lots of questions throughout, so have enough material for 30 minutes of your talking so we have 30 minutes of our questioning
  • It’s not complicated and it shouldn’t be nerve-wracking – it’s just a dialogue between 2 parties who want to find a way to help each other

How to prepare

  • Meet us early, before you need investment, but once you have an alpha that you are testing and a pretty clear idea of what your business model will be.  We like to meet you early so we can track your actual progress against what you promise you will achieve.  This makes our decision making better and faster when the time comes for you to raise money from us
  • It’s also very useful to practice your pitch with your existing investors before coming to us.  They know the business well, are likely to be investors in many other startups and so will know what we, as a VC, will want to hear and, as your parents told you, practice makes perfect

Term Sheet

We pride ourselves on being open with entrepreneurs - we have nothing to hide and prefer to be transparent in all our interactions.  As part of this transparency we think it would be helpful for you to see our Term Sheet.  This is the Term Sheet every one of our entrepreneurs receives, with no “funnies” added.  It is based on the Seed Summit standard term sheet with a few changes to make it more entrepreneur friendly.  For example we removed the equalization of terms clause because we don’t think it’s great for entrepreneurs.  Our term sheet is also more entrepreneur friendly in terms of the founder vesting. Our standard says that 28% of your shares are vested on the date of investment and 2% per month then vests over 3 years instead of straight line vesting of 0 up front and 1/36 per month for 3 years in the SeedSummit term sheet. We hope you find it useful to read and look forward to discussing it with you should the opportunity arise.

What our entrepreneurs say about us

The Episode 1 team has been invaluable as we have scaled from a three person start up to a business that currently employs 15 people.  Their advice and clear thinking helped us enormously as we set our strategic goals after raising our seed round and contributed to a successful fund raising early in 2014.

James Hind, Founder & CEO

Scurri is simplifying the management of delivery suppliers for on-line merchants, and we wanted to work with an investment firm who could provide us with insights and connections to help us grow. With their successful investment in Shutl, Episode has had very recent and relevant experience of the space that has proved valuable as we continue to grow.

Rory O’Connor, Founder & CEO

Simon helped us refine idea into something that resembled a business, came to our first client pitch, led our initial external investment. Simon is without a doubt the kind of investor every entrepreneur needs.  He doesn’t mince his words, is not afraid to ask the difficult questions, has seen pretty much everything and is always willing to get involved and make a difference.  I really cannot overstate his role in our development.

Tom Allason, Founder & CEO

Simon has been associated with Shazam from its first year and remains an observer on the board as we continue to find his advice invaluable. He has provided tremendous insight and perspective to both the Executive Management team and Board given his depth of experience as an Entrepreneur, Corporate Executive and Investor.

Andrew Fisher, Executive Chairman
Russell Quirk, eMoov CEO

The road to gaining grown-up funding is fraught with obstacles and diversions. When I first met Simon Murdoch we’d already pitched to numerous VCs, High Net Worths and Private Equity sources. But it was evident immediately that Simon and his team were different. Constructive, helpful and above all founder friendly, the latter being a very rare commodity in an investor. Several months into the deal, Episode 1 continue to impress, support and open doors for us. No regrets. At all.

Russell Quirk, eMoov CEO
Oli Ashness, SimplyCook CEO

Episode 1 genuinely get behind their companies from day 1, with a positivity all entrepreneurs can relate to. Within 6 weeks of raising investment every single member of their team had gone out of their way to help SimplyCook out. When people talk about ‘value add’ when it comes to investors some of that comes from the afore-mentioned drive to help companies, and the rest comes from having the knowledge and experience to help. Episode 1 have both.

Oli Ashness, SimplyCook CEO
John Thompson, UserReplay CEO

Having worked with both Simon and Damien before I was keen to work with Episode 1 because I knew the value they would bring to UserReplay. As an investor and board member at my last start-up Simon made a great contribution to our strategy and to our successful exit, so I had no hesitation in choosing Episode 1 for UserReplay. I knew I would be working with trustworthy people with deep expertise.

John Thompson, User Replay CEO
John Coggins, Adludio CEO

We believe the best investors are those who are passionate about our groundbreaking technology but who are also responsive and honest with us. It has been a real asset to have Damien and Ash from Episode 1 as Advisors; they are always committed, constructive and informed. They have become part of the team and give us exactly the kind of honest insight that we need to achieve our best!

Paul Coggins, Adludio CEO
Charlie Osmond, Triptease CEO

Positive. Encouraging. Thoughtful. Episode1 have been a wonderful partner for Triptease. They are constantly looking for ways to support and help us. We’ve been delighted with their involvement.

Charlie Osmond, Triptease CEO

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