Adrian Lloyd


Adrian’s professional background prior to joining the startup world was in management and strategic consulting for Marakon Associates. He advised C-Suite executives on strategic decision making across multiple industries in Europe and Asia, where he founded Marakon’s China office (because he speaks Chinese, wanted to start something up and likes an adventure). After his experience in China Adrian went to the Graduate School of Business at Stanford where he received an MBA and developed his deep interest in the potential of technology.  He returned to Europe to help develop the technology ecosystem here in the belief that a long cyclical period of growth in the sector was just beginning.  He still believes this is the case. Adrian is responsible for the investments in User Replay, ThirdEye and Simply Cook and sits on various other boards as an Observer. Adrian is married with two daughters and two sons all born within 5 years of each other (he admits a certain lack of good decision-making on that one). Adrian received his MBA from Stanford University in 2010 and his Masters degree from Oxford University in Chinese Studies in 2003.  
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