Martin Afshari-Mehr

Investment Manager

Martin is passionate about the London tech scene and brings broad skills, knowledge and experience from a career spanning finance, business and law.

Having originally trained as a lawyer, he moved from the Dark Side to the Very, Very Dark Side and joined Goldman Sachs where he spent several years managing private equity deals in Europe. 

After leaving to pursue an MBA at London Business School, he worked for Amazon helping to bring their digital downloads platform to the UK and then his family's business before joining Episode1 in early 2015. 

He enjoys coffee, martinis and can often be found fine dining, reading or lifting very heavy pieces of iron and raving about the health benefits.

He's still trying to get over his addiction to spreadsheets.
MARTIN'S latest article

OK —  it’s Easter, so we thought we’d use the theme and talk about finding the “right egg” (Martin: you’ll have to forgive us in advance for any egg-related, “eggs-trordinary”...

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