We Have Moved

by Leah Martin

If you want a team of smart, creative people to do extraordinary things, don’t put them in a drab ordinary space’ Tom Kelley

We are excited to announce that the Episode1 team have moved to a new office, a brand new fit for purpose space. A space to meet new people, to harvest new ideas and generate and grow new talent and business together with great entrepreneurs.

The space will allow us to host workshops and events sharing the expertise of the Episode1 team on topics such as GTM strategy with @sioclark and lots of other exciting, interesting and debate inducing topics… soon to be revealed.

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Perfecting the finer details has been challenging and may take a wee bit more time, deliveries are arriving daily and I’m on first name terms with the guy from DPD. Soon we will have art, plants and enough chairs and cups for all! We will have created the idea hub and welcoming home that we as a startup have aspired to own.

We haven’t gone far, just down the road to Tottenham Court Road, the perfect central location for all you entrepreneurs. We are directly opposite the station (so you can’t get lost), surrounded by an array of restaurants and pubs, coffee shops and bars, in case you need dutch courage (not advised pre pitch), a pick me up or a celebratory beverage.

We have three new meeting rooms with new names; Forest, Library (note to self – must put up bookshelves) and snug. Thanks to everyone who suggested names on Twitter, we had a laugh looking through them all.

It has been an exciting journey for the team over the last few years, and we look at this new location as the start of another chapter in our history. This move aligns with our new fund and very soon the launch of our new website. Watch this space!

A big thanks to our Interior designers and fitters at Studio11 Interiors for helping us create the space to suit our and your future needs.

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