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How to startup…..blog 6 of 11

How to build a successful start-up I started this series a late last year with the 1st blog on Generate an idea (but remember that it’s worthless) followed by In-depth observe (not interview) 5-10 potential customers, including 2-3 “extreme users” …

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What we enjoy most is meeting teams and helping them achieve their goals. This isn’t restricted to just the companies we invest in. We like to help teams that are too early for us (no commercial traction) or teams that don’t fit our investment criteria as well because it increases our understanding of the market-place, introduces us to great individuals and teams and, of course, might lead us to an investment in the future. We do this by holding an open office every Thursday morning between 9.30am and 12.30am during which 45 minute time slots are offered to entrepreneurs by reservation to go over anything they want with one of us.

If you feel we can help you in any way in 45 minutes on a Thursday morning, please get in touch

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