Early-stage VC

is broken

We’ve built Athena to fix it

Over the last 3 years we’ve leveraged our in-house AI expertise to develop a unique data-driven platform granting us unparalleled access and insight into the very best early-stage founders

Our proprietary AI models ingest the entire digital footprint of a start-up in order to flag high-potential opportunities, and already perform beyond the capabilities of a top-quartile VC investor.

Athena lets us:

Discover new founders before anyone else in the market

Analyse unique founder personality traits to uncover hidden gems missed by other investors

Reduce bias and reliance on gut instinct

Optimise our portfolio size and follow-on strategy

We have the proof points to back it up:

Recent Athena-sourced deals include outlier founders from unicorns such as GoCardless, BenevolentAI and Google

Our training data now encompasses granular information on over 15,000 early stage companies across Europe

Our work has been featured on Sky News, TechCrunch and Sifted amongst others

of all deals (and counting) in our latest fund have been sourced by Athena

We are not replacing humans with tech

We believe in a human-machine hybrid approach where our AI models supercharge Episode 1’s existing world-class network and access

Founders love our approach:

"Wow! I'm shocked because I just left Google and I just started a company that I'm raising for. How did you figure that out?? Would love to chat”

Hannah Schmitt
Lead designer